OFCOM’s annual snapshot report just reinforces how critical technology has become in the education of our children

“In fact, at RM we recently reported that both parents (78%) and teachers (61%) believe that technology in schools is improving learning outcomes for their children. As a result, remote learning can no longer be a temporary measure; not only was it a lifeline during lockdown but it also empowers pupils and staff to learn and teach from home, supporting a range of hard and soft digital skills, such as creativity, collaboration, innovation, and research and information fluency online. Remote training is also increasingly becoming the most common way of imparting skills in this country.
“Teachers are now better prepared to adapt to changes in the education sector, and it’s crucial that they bring that preparation into the classroom; from digital assessments to keeping in touch with pupils via Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams or Zoom, and even creating new and digital-friendly teaching materials. As we continue to enter this ‘new normal’, and young people are increasingly called upon to help bridge the growing digital skills gaps in many industries, it’s important that they are equipped with the right resources and technologies to do so, ensuring that they can continue to learn and develop in spite of any future disruptions.”

Simon Carter RM