New tech-driven platform launches to make language learning accessible to all

Volangua will offer direct access to language schools for students around the world. Reducing the admin involved in enrolling students for schools and providing straightforward booking for students.
For schools, Volangua offers a full service platform where documents can be shared directly with students, direct payment services are included along with translation into 4 languages, an instant book facility, inbuilt analytics and a full review system where schools can add existing reviews from Facebook, Google, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot and Yelp.

For students, Volangua offers the ability to learn any foreign language in any country internationally, direct access to schools, comparison capabilities, fair and reasonable pricing and a ‘near you’ facility, to find language courses close to home.
Volangua is a comparison site at its core, using advanced refine options and reviews to present objective information on its schools and the ability to book directly from its site.
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