Learning at home with Discovery Education

Discovery Education Espresso (Primary)
If a school subscribes to Discovery Education Espresso, teachers and pupils can access the entire service from home, providing an ideal scenario for pupils to continue their learning without drawing excessively on teacher time to prepare remote learning materials.
There are currently two ways to access the Espresso service:
Espresso on Experience users: https://app.discoveryeducation.co.uk
Home learning hub
Help and support articles
Classic users: https://central.espresso.co.uk
Ready-made lesson routes
Espresso at home guide
Upgrade at no extra cost
Note: If your school recently upgraded your school's subscription, you now access via the Discovery Education Experience platform. This brings new features and functionality - including individual pupil logins, remote collaboration and assignment tools.
Discovery Education’s brand new home learning hub features interactive activities and assessment ideas, in addition to maths word problems and spelling challenge worksheets.
Should your school not subscribe to one of these services please contact Discovery Education to discuss how they can support your school during the period of extended closure. Visit the Discovery Education website to find out more.

Discovery Education Health and Relationships
We know 2020 was a tough year, and you may not be fully prepared for the new curriculum objectives coming in April - so Discovery Education want to help! Your primary school can claim free access until October 2021 to their digital PSHE programme, Discovery Education Health and Relationships.
FREE: Active Kids Do Better (Primary)

Not getting out? Active Kids Do Better helps keep your body moving wherever you are. Give yourself a brain boost with the Active Classroom routines or have the whole family join in with our Active Home games and activities. Active Kids Do Better is freely available and requires no special equipment or resources to get started.

FREE: Social Distance Training app

Help children understand what safe social distancing looks like, using AR.

If it is unavoidable to stay at home, experts recommend you should maintain a distance of 2 metres from other people. This can help reduce the chance of transmission of the virus and keep you and others safe.
  • Teachers: use to assist classroom discussions around the importance of social distancing
  • Pupils: experience what safe social distancing looks like with a holographic person

Discovery Education’s augmented reality app includes descriptions of social distancing and links to important sources of information and advice on COVID-19.

Download: App Store

FREE: Daily Challenge
Why not delve into Discovery Education Espresso's exciting daily challenges? These short five to ten-minute activities range from consolidation activities based around curriculum subjects to more creative activities like designing new products. FREE: Worksheets
Ready to print or download, we've unlocked a collection of activity-based worksheets!