Learners answer 2.6 million questions in the first week of school closures!

About Learning by Questions

Learning by Questions (LbQ) is a cloud-based educational classroom tool.  The app ensures that teachers can support all their learners all the time whilst reducing the unnecessary aspects of their workload such as marking and resource finding.

This is possible through a vast library of 2000 curriculum-based Question Sets covering KS2, KS3, KS4 maths, science and English that teachers can select from and learners progress through.
Every answer learners give has a perfectly attuned feedback response from the system and the result is that they are encouraged to have another go and learn from every attempt. 

At the same time, teachers are able to see on a live matrix board exactly how their class is getting on and intervene swiftly with individuals, groups or whole class.  Since the lesson is automatically marked, teachers have more time to use the results and plan effectively ahead.

LbQ has been developed by the team who first pioneered edtech in the UK, creating the Promethean Whiteboards and revolutionising classrooms around the world.  In its first year, LbQ won the prestigious Innovator of the Year award at the BETT 2019 show and has been finalist 9 times, quickly followed by an Education Resources award. 
40,000 hours were saved by LbQ teachers in the first year

In the last week more than 1,300 teachers have registered to the app to help their pupils achieve more during school closures. Teachers can register for a free account at www.lbq.org