Headmistress of £14,000-a-year private school urges schools to use iPads instead of paper and brands exercise books 'old fashioned'

A headteacher has urged others to follow her school's example and go paperless. Kathy Crewe-Read, headmistress of the £14,000-a-year Wolverhampton Grammar School, said exercise books are 'old fashioned'.

Children need to be 'prepared for the future, not for the past', Mrs Crewe-Read told The Sunday Telegraph. Pupils aged from nine to 14 use iPads rather than exercise books and textbooks in every lesson.'We are trying to prepare our students for a distant future where, ultimately, writing and reading might be a thing of the past,' Mrs Crewe-Read said.

She said that everything is stored digitally on iPads, and science experiments and class discussions can be filmed.'All worksheets are on the iPad at the press of a button. There is no handing out books or sheets of paper, nothing can get lost.'