Fed-up teachers are quitting over classroom disruption from mobile phones and social media, report finds

Almost two-thirds of teachers say they have considered abandoning their career because of poor behaviour, and that mobile phones and access to social media in the classroom ‘are a particular problem’.The report, It Just Grinds You Down by the influential Policy Exchange think-tank, claims 78 per cent of teachers experience pupils misbehaving with mobile phones at least once a week, with 17 per cent stating it occurs every lesson.

Report author Dr Joanna Williams said: ‘Inappropriate mobile phone use disrupts teaching and learning. It is vital that schools take this issue far more seriously.’

While many schools ban mobiles from being used during the day, one London teacher said their school is ‘pro-device’ and actually encourages children to use them during lessons to carry out research online – but that this has now ‘got out of hand’.