ITdoes this by means of a piece of software produced by Counterpoint called Enhanced AD. This allows the Mac to bind correctly and enable the students to use the machines as is they were ‘stand-alone’, yet they are attached to a network for back-up and auditing purposes, and picking up other services such as the internet and printing. The Mac needs to be easy to use whilst connected to the network. Enhanced AD provides an easy way in which students can save work by default to the right location, knowing that their work will be safe and secure.
A lot of software needs a local directory in which to function safely. This is a non-starter in education as if something goes wrong with the local drive then any students’ work on it is potentially lost. The students and their parents need to know that the work is being saved centrally and is being backed up. Students will therefore have the ability to go to any machine and access their work. Enhanced AD therefore provides a dual network accessible to students and teachers alike. The applications think that there is a local drive, yet it is backing up centrally.
The product is constantly being updated to provide learning and teaching features. Sharing functions are set up so that students can share work, and the teachers have shared resource areas. These are continually being developed so that they fit with the latest operating system from Apple.
This is a useful and very clever product that effectively provides a bridge between the Apple Mac and Windows.

Mark Kelly