Teaching remotely

Canva for Education empowers teachers during lockdown with free, easy to use resources to keep learning alive remotely

With over 8 million teachers and students worldwide, across 90,000 educational institutions already using Canva - the monthly student usage has more than doubled since August 2020 as teachers and students adapt to a new style of learning. Teachers around the world can sign up for free to and invite their students to access a whole raft of features designed to make remote learning both seamless and engaging. 
With thousands of education-focused templates to work with, from online whiteboards, worksheets suitable for a range of subjects, group work activities and infographics to posters, presentations, classroom decor kits, educational videos, flashcards and a whole lot more, Canva for Education is a one-stop-shop for creating and collaborating in an online classroom.
Other features include:
Real-time collaboration - allows teachers and students to work on one document simultaneously, regardless of location. New templates have been specifically designed with classroom collaboration in mind, from group critique activities to group brainstorming documents.

Talking Presentations - the Talking Presentations feature provides an alternative to live, or fully pre-recorded formats, giving educators and students alike the ability to integrate short videos of themselves as playable elements within their presentation slides. 

Easy distribution of assignments - getting assessments out to students has never been easier! With this feature, teachers can create an assignment and designate it to their relevant classes to complete. Each student within the class will receive an email notifying them of the assignment, instructions to complete the task, as well as a button to open it directly from any device. Alternatively, they’ll be able to find the assignment in their class designs page.
Carly Daff, Canva for Education’s Director of Product, explained the importance of equipping teachers with the tools they need to keep students engaged, motivated and interested when learning remotely.
“Even before schools moved to an online environment, one of the biggest challenges facing educators was maintaining students’ engagement in the classroom. Now, as many schools shift to an online learning model with students in the comfort of their own homes having computers and phones at the ready, it’s more important than ever to find ways to keep students motivated, engaged and interested in their learning.
“Canva’s platform is driven by one simple belief – technology should break down barriers, not build them – something we’ve seen become more essential than ever with the recent lockdowns. We’re proud of the way we’ve been able to help keep learning alive and well during this unprecedented time, empowering students and teachers to collaborate even while they’re apart.” concluded Daff.
Canva for Education is entirely free for teachers and their students globally. Sign up today at: www.canva.com/education