A Message from ICT Direct

We have taken steps to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on our company, with all office staff now working from home and remaining staff in our warehouse following strict hygiene procedures.

We are also treating any hardware that enters the building with similar levels of caution.  Our cleaning process now involves an isopropyl stage where inbound desktops and laptops are given a once over with cloths soaked in the substance before being sent out for processing.  
We are determined to do what we can to prevent transmission.

You, our customers, can help here also.  We are going to continue to provide you with the support you would expect from us.  Should you have a hardware issue that requires a warranty replacement unit we will, of course, promptly issue the replacement so that you can get up and running as quickly as possible.  We would ask you to clean and disinfect to the best of your ability any hardware that is to be returned to us.  Our engineering team handles more parcels from different parts of the UK than any other employee.  To ensure their safety we’d appreciate you taking the time to make sure the returning machine is as clean as is possible.

We have been supplying laptops to our customers at a frantic rate for the past two weeks and we are moving to keep up with demand.  We have over 300 devices currently entering our stock system and more on the way.

You can be assured that we will never raise the price of our machines to take advantage of demand in the market.  Each laptop we currently have is the same price it has been, we aren’t increasing these.

When our current stock runs out, however.  We may have to make some price increases.  Our network of suppliers is responding to increased demand by raising prices and a laptop now costs us twice what it did a month ago.  We will always be up front about this and when prices have to go up it will be by the smallest amount possible that still allows us to operate.

In the meantime, prices for Desktop PCs, Workstations & Servers will remain unchanged.

We have been looking at how we might be able to help during a possible shutdown and we believe that we can do this by shipping devices directly to the home address of your colleagues who need to work remotely.  We can preinstall a licensed copy of Windows 10 Professional on these devices and get them straight to the person who needs them.  Normally we charge £12 for OS install and £10 for delivery to an address that isn’t on the school premises.  However, we can provide this service for just £5 per device which covers some of the additional shipping cost we would incur.

We hope you remain in good health are taking precautions for your own safety and that of those people you may encounter.

Remember, ICT Direct are here to help.  If you have a need that is non-standard, call us and we’ll do our absolute best to accommodate it.

Kind Regards, 
John, Dave & Phil

P.S. For a limited period we will be introducing a 10% discount on our server range as featured on the website.