Virtual School: How to support your child with 8 free resources

This time around, it seems more important than ever that children get the education they need to decrease the risk of falling behind. But for more disadvantaged families supporting their children, this can be a big financial burden for a lot of parents who cannot afford to pay for additional resources. 
So with this in mind, Uswitch has put together a list of some of the best free online resources to help support children with their learning at no extra cost. 
Are you ready to get going? Check out the list below….

1.Lockdown Learning -  BBC Bitesize

With so many of us finding ourselves back homeschooling, BBC Bitesize is the perfect place to help children learn from home. 
Whether you are in primary or secondary school, the BBC has provided hundreds of online lessons that are suitable for all age groups. Brush up on some algebra or work on those writing skills - there are plenty of fun videos, quizzes and activities that will help keep your children focused and on track while learning at home. 
Check out BBC Bitesize here. 

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2.Google Classroom 

Google Classroom is a popular resource used by both teachers and parents to assist in homeschooling students during lockdown. With endless possibilities, using the website can be the perfect way to organise work and set tasks to keep your children busy throughout the day. 
Try setting a reading task to go alongside their online class, or devise a quiz to help with a subject your child may be struggling on - Google Classroom is sure to make the home learning experience easier and more enjoyable for everyone. 
Check out Google Classroom here. 

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Is your child learning French but you can’t speak a word of it? Memrise has got you covered. With thousands of online courses and videos, Memrise is the perfect website to help you learn a new language from the comfort of your own home.
Take part in one of their expert online courses that are packed full of videos from real-life native speakers, or try a quiz that will help you remember words through the use of flashcards. 
Get started by visiting the website or downloading the app and your child will be a fluent French speaker before you know it!
Check out Memrise here. 

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4.The Khan Academy 

As a more niche resource, the Khan academy is the perfect website that can add that additional bit of support for children learning at home. 
Offering everything from practice exercises and test preparation for all age groups, the website is committed to providing resources that empower parents and children to study at their own pace in and outside the classroom.
Whether it’s history or maths you find challenging, there is no limit to the number of resources available to help you improve your studies. 
Check out the Khan Academy website here.


For those with a bit more of a creative flair why not explore Twinkl, a teaching resource for all age groups. With a diverse range of art and craft activities created and uploaded by KS2 teachers themselves, you will find hundreds of fun resources that will help you support home learning. 
Get creative with origami or improve your cutting skills, with Twinkl there are so many activities that will provide hours of fun for your children while they are homeschooled. 
Check out the Twinkl website here.

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6.BBC Teach 

While there might be lots of great resources available on YouTube to support your child's home school learning experience, it can be hard to separate the good from the bad. But with BBC teach, you can be confident that every resource available will be useful and help support your child while learning from home. 
Why not try watching live lessons from some of the BBC’s most-loved TV presenters? Not only do they make the lessons fun, but they are also skilled in keeping your child’s attention and making even the most boring of activities fun. 
Check out the BBC teach website here. 

7.Coder Dojo

Have you got a computer wizz in the family? Help them explore their creative side by using Coder Dojo. As a volunteer-led website, they are committed to providing resources for children that want to learn about the world of coding and digital making, regardless of their financial situation. 
Open to all abilities, the website operates by users signing up to attend a ‘club’ that will give children access to a mentor and peer learning while working on a self-led project. The resources are curated into paths to help young people move from beginner to more advanced levels and get the most out of their learning. 
Check out Coder Dojo here. 

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8.The Body Coach TV 

He is a fitness coach that we all love - Joe Wicks (aka ‘The Body Coach’) is here to help your children stay active at home. 
While we spend so much of our time indoors, it is more important than ever to keep our bodies moving while homeschooling, and one person that has kept us entertained and active through it all is The Body Coach, Joe Wicks. 
Providing  PE lessons every single day during lockdown, taking part in his 30-minute classes will help get your children pumped and ready for the day ahead. 
Check out The Body Coach TV here.