3 things we’ve learnt from teachers about behaviour

1 | Around half of new teachers have their last lesson of the week disrupted

How bad is behaviour for new teachers? Really quite bad. Since term started we’ve asked thousands of Tappers if disruptive behaviour in their last lesson on a Friday stopped pupils from learning at any time.
On any given week, we’ve found around half of first year teachers had their lesson disrupted – and it’s getting worse as time wears on. Other educators also suffer with Friday disruptions – but it happens less often than for newbies, and it’s not declining at the same rates.

2 | Silent corridors are controversial in secondary schools… but not so much in primary schools

A secondary school in Birmingham made newspaper headlines recently for banning students from talking in hallways. ‘Silent corridors’ are used in around 8% of secondary schools, but it remains a contentious rule.
Some people think it draconian; others see it as an efficient way of getting pupils from lesson A to lesson B.
Before deciding your own view, it’s worth knowing that the policy is not so uncommon at primary level, where almost 1 in 5 schools demand pupils move silently between lesson

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