Zzish, Making apps more useful in real classrooms

Zzish the UK based software which lets developers and ‘teacherpreneurs’ create better e-learning apps for use in the classroom through ‘plugging into’ a multi-million dollar cloud-based platform.

The company was founded by Charles Wiles, a former Google product manager with the mission to democratise quality education and raise the standards of learning and teaching across the board using technology. The vision is that struggling students can build up confidence and competency in a way that traditional teaching methods have never been able to before. The core of the Zzish proposition is its ‘teacher dashboards’, which gives instant deep analysis on pupil performance to identify important learning gaps.

Zzish, which was last year shortlisted as an EdTech 20 startup in recognition of its innovation and growth, selected as a Future 30 business at the Bett Show 2015, and also one of only two ed-tech startups accepted on the 2014 TechStars London program from a pool of 1,200 applicants.

Zzish developed its own e-learning app, Quizalize, to showcase the platform’s capabilities at its optimal best. With it, teachers can create their own quizzes and obtain instant insights identifying student’s strengths and areas that require improvement. Quizalize was ranked as the No.1 new app for schools by leading US EdTech site, EdSurge, in September 2015.


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Phone: 020 3026 0100
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