Zybert Computing Ltd


IT Data Security for education. Zybert Computing Limited is a UK manufacturer of IT Data Security solutions, including Encrypted Remote Access.

This is achieved by using an encrypted connection though a Secure Portable Office Key (“SPOK”) inserted into any host PC/Laptop. Sensitive data never leaves your school network!

This eliminates the need for teachers (or pupils) to carry memory sticks or laptops containing school data. It takes away the concerns of such devices being lost or stolen and ensures that restrictions under the Data Protection Act are met.

TEACHERS’ DESKTOP: enables teachers to securely access school administration systems (CMIS/SIMS) work on lesson planning, school reports and other curriculum activities from outside school.

PUPILS’ DESKTOP: Remote secure access for your pupils to the whole range of school curriculum software from home. Pupils can browse the Internet safely with the knowledge all content is being filtered by the council firewalls.

The technology used by all Zybert Computing Limited solutions has been certified for security use by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


Address Information:

Innovation Centre
Longbridge Technology Park, 1 Devon Way
B31 2TS

Contact Details:

Phone: 0121 2225457
Email: michael.lucas@zybert.co.uk
Url: http://www.zybert.co.uk