At Sync, we are passionate about technology! We support schools, academies, colleges, and universities across the UK, to adopt technology, and integrate it in to their teaching and learning practices. This is carried out through a blend of provision, consultancy, training / CPD, and technical support.
Device management made easy! Whether your school has iPad, Mac, Chrome, Windows, or all of the above, we can help you get your tech under control.
How is technology helping your students? Are you seeing progression? Unless you have a digital assessment system in place, it can be almost impossible to tell. Learn how digital assessment can help you to streamline processes, speed up assessment times, and quantify your IT investment.
We are firm believers that technology deployments should always be accompanied by CPD. Without proper professional development, it can be difficult to ensure that your staff are maximising the benefits of their tech, and staff use and knowledge can be inconsistent.
Managing tech too much? We work with schools and businesses across the UK to provide phone, remote, and onsite technical support, which includes regular visits (weekly, fortnightly, monthly). Let our expert technicians take on your tech.
If you are struggling to keep your tech up to date, then tech subscription could be for you. With tech subscription you can replace your tech every two or three years, meaning you are always up to date. You can also spread the costs to avoid those large capital payments.

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Content & Tools for Teaching & Learning
Professional development & training for teachers
Devices, equipment and infrastructure
Computers (desktops and laptops)
Hand-held devices (including smartphones)
IT Helpdesk and support services
Network and wireless technology
Digital Literacy