SmileyTalk is a unique and fun communication tool opening a world of communication between users from different countries automatically translating to break down all language barriers!

To be used in the classroom and at home. The pre-determined content means SmileyTalk has many benefits:

  • It is intrinsically safe - no content can be inputted without teacher moderation.

  • A ‘scrapbook’ of images, uploaded and managed by the teacher, replaces some words with pictures and gives an understanding of cultures.

  • No keyboard necessary - just a mouse is required; ideal for SEN pupils who will make friends easily - promotes twinning.

  • The questions and responses are grouped under ‘smiley’ buttons providing structure that helps drive quality conversations, improve literacy and build confidence.

  • The predefined content allows for controlled translation; SmileyTalk is designed to allow members across the world to converse in their own languages and see the translated questions and responses in both languages. SmileyTalk is unique in providing this instant translation.

  • Language learning is easy. SmileyTalk provides an essential tool for the teacher. SmileyTalk will initially launch with 9 languages: English, Welsh, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Urdu and Punjabi. More languages will be added shortly.


Address Information:

36a Edwards House
Talbot Road, Talbot Green
CF72 8AF

Contact Details:

Phone: 01443 230087