Schools Broadband


Schools Broadband is a specialist division of one of the UK’s leading telecoms providers - Talk Straight.

We are a leading provider of faster, cheaper and safer broadband, providing Internet services to schools across the UK. As a BESA member, we differ from Local Authority services in that we offer more flexibility.

Our content filtering solution (which subscribes to the Internet Watch Foundation list) offers your staff different privileges to your students, and you can also have varying access rights by year group if you need it.

We offer world-leading solutions from internationally acclaimed Lightspeed Systems and can give you unrivalled cloud-based web filtering control for all your school’s equipment, including any mobile devices.

All of our broadband connections include full management of equipment, web content filtering and firewall rules as standard, and we have a technical services helpdesk that is only a phone call away should you require any support. What is more, as a telecoms provider, we can also offer your school a full review of your telecoms services if you need it.


Address Information:

Suite 4
Dalesway House
West Yorkshire
LS29 9LA

Contact Details:

Phone: 01133 22233


e-Safety, online security and privacy
Cloud hosting services
Hand-held devices (including smartphones)
Network and wireless technology