The easiest and most effective way to teach with technology, Netop Vision is the popular classroom management software proven to improve student performance. Whether your students use PCs, Macs or Tablet devices, Vision provides on-screen demonstrations and teaching tools that ignite interest, focus attention and improve learning outcomes.

Netop’s innovative line of classroom management products, including Vision, Vision Pro and Vision ME, support traditional ICT labs as well as one-to-one computing, iPad classrooms, blended learning, flipped classrooms and more.


Netop Vision lets teachers:

  • View a screenshot of each computer or tablet in the classroom from their own displays, so they can follow their students’ work in real time.
  • Communicate with their students screen-to-screen. They can chat, operate students’ computing devices for them or demonstrate directly on their screens, all from their own computers or tablets.
  • Turn Internet access on or off entirely, or just choose specific websites to block or allow.
  • Select the applications they want their students to use while blocking others.
  • Distribute files, collect assignments and launch websites for the whole class in a click, saving lost transition time, letting teachers accomplish more during each class period.
  • Post lesson content online and conduct web-based assessments.
  • Plus much more.

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