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3D Visual Learning with Gaia Technologies.

Some subjects are just easier to teach if you can visualise them. Imagine walking down the street in ancient Rome, visiting the outer reaches of the universe or dissecting a snail.

The 3D experience allows students to enhance their understanding of complex issues like these by learning through observation and investigation rather than by instruction.

We offer a variety of 3D software solutions all designed to suit your educational needs.

The Gaia 3D system has been designed with the classroom in mind.

Our simple interface requires no training, and teachers are able to start teaching lessons in 3D straight away. Different Viewer options offer a variety of capabilities, from a simple classroom version up to an advanced large-venue setup. Immerse your classroom in a fully interactive learning environment that enhances student engagement and student participation - something all teachers wish for.

We have an extensive library of 3D content and we are constantly creating more. All content is syllabus specific and we have a team working closely with schools and academies to develop new and bespoke lessons tailored specifically to individual school needs. Each lesson can be enhanced by the teacher with the capability to quickly and easily embed external videos and images directly into the lessons provided.

All new content is immediately accessible and shared between schools, giving you access to a constantly expanding collection of 3D models.


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