e-pens Ltd



e-pens Ltd is a leading manufacturer of digital pen technology with a range of products that can be used in conjunction with Windows PCs, Mac OSX, Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad, iPod touch devices.

One of our newest solutions is the e-pens mobile board plus. This innovative product is revolutionising classrooms as it allows anyone to control a presentation and write on the board from anywhere in the room.


Key features of the e-pens mobile board plus:

  • Control your PC’s mouse remotely

  • Navigate PowerPoint presentations remotely

  • Annotate PowerPoint presentations or a virtual whiteboard remotely


Address Information:

Broomhayes Farm
Inmarsh Lane
SN12 6RX

Contact Details:

Phone: 020 30059727
Email: general@e-pens.com
Url: http://www.e-pens.com


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