2Simple have been making powerful and creative educational software for learners and schools since 1999. We are committed to creating engaging, inclusive, and inspiring resources to encourage children to love learning and prepare them for later life

We pride ourselves on creating software that consistently meets the needs of both teachers and pupils, adapting our traditional products and developing new ones to ensure that teaching and learning is as effective and efficient as possible. 

Today our software is used by learners in over 11,000 schools, in more than 74 countries worldwide.

2Simple can support you and your learners with a variety of resources and tools: .    

Mini Mash:

Mini Mash

Mini Mash is an online space for little learners. It is an interactive virtual classroom where children as young as 2 can explore, learn, and create in a safe space. It combines the Purple Mash early years favourites with brand new content and resources, making it the perfect platform for stimulating inquisitive minds and promoting digital literacy. 
Whether you’re an independent childminder, nursery practitioner or reception teacher, Mini Mash contains content to support the first steps your children take in learning. 
To find out more about Mini Mash visit: https://2simple.com/mini-mash/
Serial Mash:

Serial Mash

Serial mash improves literacy by giving children stories they won’t want to put down and themed writing activities that transport them right to the heart of the action. All this is supported by extensive teacher resources, including online self-marking comprehension quizzes and printable spelling and grammar worksheets. 
To find out more about Serial Mash visit: https://2simple.com/serial-mash/

Inspection Coach:


Inspection Coach is a simple yet powerful tool to help you prepare for school inspections in a fraction of the normal time. Our “Virtual Inspector” takes you right through the School Self Evaluation process, making sure you haven’t missed anything and that you show your school in the best possible light.
This resource allows you to upload evidence to share with staff and governors and create actions for your school improvement plan as you go along. It also automatically produces a self-evaluation summary document that you can edit online or export.
To find out more about Inspection Coach visit: https://2simple.com/inspectioncoach/

Improvement Hub:

Improvement Hub is an easy-to-use school improvement website helping schools become good and outstanding. It helps you manage any kind of improvement planning, whether you’re creating Whole School Development Plans, Improvement Plans, Actions Plans, Governing Body Action Plans or Subject Leader Plans.
Improvement Hub links seamlessly with Inspection Coach. Whilst you are in the act of self evaluation, Improvement Hub will suggest one of thousands of improvement plan actions written by our inspection team. These actions are specifically targeted to meet key elements of the new OFSTED Inspection Framework.
To find out more about Improvement Hub visit: https://2simple.com/improvementhub/

Striver is an app and website that houses a full PE scheme of work for years 1 to 6. The platform contains over 400 PE lessons and 6 wellbeing units, all housed in a web-platform that minimises the time required for admin, without cutting any corners.
Our sole purpose for creating Striver is to improve primary aged pupils’ long-term physical and mental wellbeing. We aim to achieve this by ensuring children of all abilities feel motivated and engaged, and teachers of all experience levels feel confident and in control.
Striver meets the requirements of the Sports Premium Fund as it gives teachers the confidence and resources to teach expert PE lessons and develop PE and wellbeing throughout the school.
The wellbeing units which are designed to boost self-esteem and build resilience, aim to show that mental wellbeing should be a normal part of daily life, which is in line with the new statutory Health Education Regulations.
To find out more about Striver visit: https://2simple.com/wellbeing/striver/

Dot Com Digital:

Dot Com

Dot Com Digital educates children to help prevent them becoming victims of crime. It explores current and emerging threats including grooming, knife crime and bullying.
This resource is an enhanced digital version of the Dot Com safeguarding programme which has been developed by children with the Essex Police, The National Police Chief Council, Internet Intelligence and Investigations and Safeguarding leads.

The free version includes themes, such as; Emergency Services. Grooming, Knife Crime and County Lines. Schools can then upgrade to a paid licence if they wish to do so. This will enable a school to fulfil a rich PSHE curriculum across all years.
To find out more about Dot Com Digital visit: https://2simple.com/wellbeing/dot-com-digital/

Python in Pieces:


Python in Pieces has been designed by teachers to empower the specialist and non-specialist to teach KS3 coding with confidence. It helps teachers to transition their students from block-based coding to Python with guided lessons and open-ended activities.
With the ability to easily translate from block-code to python, in BOTH directions, students will quickly become empowered to progress from the expectations of KS2 through to KS3. The guided lessons allow students to manage their own learning and teacher solution guides enable teachers to support student learning at every step.
To find out more about Python in Pieces visit: https://2simple.com/pythoninpieces/

Purple Mash:


Purple Mash helps you to embed computing and digital skills across your whole curriculum. It is an educational, creative, and inspiring tool that engages pupils in over 7000 schools worldwide. This multi-award winning learning software has been created by experienced teachers and includes a collection of over 9000 child friendly, ergonomically designed tools, games and activities. 
These resources are for children and teachers across core subjects and curriculum areas and are mapped to the English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish primary curriculums. 
To find out more about Purple Mash visit: https://2simple.com/purple-mash/

Evidence Me:

Evidence Modelling


Evidence Me is an app and websuite used in Early Years, KS1 and KS2 which enables teachers to capture learners’ experiences and monitor their development. Our learning stories platform is an assessment and observation tool which has helped over 15,000 educators wave goodbye to post-it notes, ring binders and scrapbooks to track learnin

Formerly, 2Build a Profile, Evidence Me has been thoughtfully created by teachers, for teachers; with new features tailored to your needs. Evidence Me aims to make tracking and reporting on learning as simple, yet as impacting as possible.

Key Features:

 Can be used with any combination of frameworks that you choose, Including both the Birth to 5 Matters and new Development Matters frameworks.

 Fully redesigned app and websuite to improve usability, accuracy and speed.

 Auto suggests objectives from the curriculum and recommends next step objectives.

 Share observations on multiple devices within your school setting.

 Dedicated parent app that can be used two ways between parents and teachers to share information in real time.

 Take a photo and easily blur faces, perfect for sharing images of individual learners with parents, and provides greater security for other children in the photo.

 Multiple report types to improve tracking and evidencing, including Teach Next Report, Coverage Flightpath Report and Individual Coverage Reports.
To find out more about Evidence Me visit: https://2simple.com/evidenceme/

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Purple Mash
Purple Mash helps you to embed computing and digital skills across your whole curriculum. It is an educational, creative, and inspiring tool that engages pupils in over 7000 schools worldwide.
Evidence Me
Evidence Me is an app and websuite used in Early Years, KS1 and KS2 which enables teachers to capture learners’ experiences and monitor their development.