Supporting Students and Parents Remotely and In-School

Communication is key

Never before has communication been so important. Students and parents are suffering from the stress of the unknown, so keeping lines of communication open is essential. Communications should be used for school-wide information updates, but also utilised by individual subject or class teachers to provide tailored content to their student groups, offering resources and support in a more personal approach.


Provide time for two-way communication

In a normal academic term, provision would always be made for parent consultation evenings, and just because students are not in school there is no reason why consultations shouldn’t take place. Organised like a standard parents evening, parents can book their appointments with class or subject teachers for an online call, which could be over the telephone or online platform such as Zoom.
At SchoolsBuddy, we have enjoyed witnessing the ways our customers have utilised our platform to provide information, resources and so much more during school closure.  We have seen a higher number of emails being sent, both school-wide and to smaller groups of students. Communications are being sent with more resource links and attachments than ever before! 

"97% of all parents are signed up to the system and a great many have the app on their phone. This meant it quickly became our ‘go-to’ for pushing out critical, time-sensitive announcements. The communication function was very simple to use and had the added bonus of being able to send to students and copy to parents."
-Mark Jones, Director of Teaching & Learning Dulwich College Suzhou

Finance teams within our schools were faced with mass cancellations of trips and activities, but found our Payments Module [link] mass adjustment feature a huge time saver, and rather than having to administer time-consuming refunds, were simply able to credit parent accounts which can be used for future activities once schools return to normal.

“I have to say that I’m loving the new Mass Adjustment feature! Lots of refunds to do now we are closed – this makes it MUCH easier.”
-Sally Stevens, Braywick Court School, UK
We are also aware of many schools using our Parents Evening module to arrange remote parent consultations, using our Zoom link field to allow parents to quickly access their online meeting and our activities module to allow sign ups to interactive, online activity sessions!
But the possibilities are endless and we are proud to be helping our schools support their school community during such difficult times. To find out more about SchoolsBuddy and how our modules can be tailored to your school’s requirements, please get in touch.
SchoolsBuddy was founded in 2013 by Co-Founders Gary Hector and David Higginson. In 2019 SchoolsBuddy became part of Faria Education Group which, through ManageBac, AtlasNext, Pamoja, and OpenApply, offers a wide range of services including curriculum management, remote learning, and online admissions.