iBoardTouch offer a wide range of interactive touch screens of varying sizes, and also develop and provide the necessary software.
Wand Education
Wand is a simple content creation platform. A large number of creative activities can be added to it.
Vybra Solutions specialise in device management. This covers the charging and secure storage of electronic devices.
Learning Ladders
Learning Ladders is a relatively new company which has been in existence for three years. They have created a framework whereby a school can input their own curriculum and their own assessment policy.
iBoardTouch are a large format interactive display technology provider. They are responsible for the design and manufacture of both the hardware and the software used in their products.
Earwig is a system for collecting evidence in the form of images, videos, audio files, documents and pupils’ work. It is multi-platform and can be used with any device.
2Simple’s primary product is Purple Mash. It is a web-based product targeted at primary schools and designed to provide a solution for cross-curriculum learning.
Albion supplies Apple products and supports schools deploying iPads and Mac PCs. It provides strong post-sales service and aims to enhance customers’ educational output.
Aleutia manufactures fanless, solid-state drive desktop PCs. The computers are small and the case acts as a heatsink so they are well suited for use in higher temperatures. They are also silent.
DoodleMaths is targeted at children aged 7 to 14 and is designed to provide a personalised numeracy experience.
EXA Education is an internet service provider that owns its own network. The company’s target market is education establishments of all kinds, from small primary schools up to universities.
Kitronik Igloo
Kitronik Igloo is a sewable PICAXE control board designed for use within e-textiles projects.
Earwig started off as a parental engagement tool and has evolved into a solution that can store online all learning evidence, including photographs and films, and instantly recall the information.
GroupCall offers a number of communication solutions including Xpressions, a messaging service designed for parents. It is a free app and enables a school to contact parents and vice versa.
iBoardTouch manufactures interactive touch screens, producing both the hardware and software to make both mutually compatible.
Penstripe have led the development of homework setting/planning tools for over 30 years.
Schools Broadband provides broadband and internet connectivity packages specifically for the education sector.
Barracuda Backup
At Barracuda Networks, we understand the unprecedented challenges that you and your staff are facing, and we have the industry’s most advanced, cost-effective solutions for you to maintain a safe, secure, and thriving eLearning environment and school community.
ParentHub provides a smartphone app and text message service that enables schools and teachers to engage and communicate with parents.
Maths Tutor
Maths Tutor has become part of our weekly maths lessons. My pupils go on to the app and perform very focused and engaging tasks.
eSchools provides a single sign-on platform featuring all the services that a school needs including a learning platform, communication tools, a school website and features for office staff and governors.
Leba Innovation
Leba Innovation produces systems to manage, store, charge, synchronies and transport iphones, tablets and laptops within a school.


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Teachers coordinate strikes in London over school cuts – and protests are planned

The Socialist Worker reports that workers at three schools in south east London began a coordinated two-day strike against cuts this week.

One in four school staff lack a degree in the key subject they teach.

The Daily Mail reports that more than a quarter of teachers in many key subjects do not have a relevant degree in their field – and the problem is getting worse, research suggests.