ICT Back to School 2015

The year ahead
Tablet technology, assessment solutions and CPD top the ICT shopping list

A best practice approach
Smartphones can be used to good advantage in the classroom

Revolution in the classroom
3D printing technology opens new opportunities to students and teachers

Ensuring e-safety
The connected classroom poses problems, but there are solutions

Tips and strategies for one-to-one schemes
Tablets can bring learning to life, but they need careful management

Cyphers, puzzles & codes
Top tips for simplifying programming and cracking coding in the classroom

A selectopn of ICT solutions

ICT for Education Spring Buyers Guide 2015

Budgets and investments
BESA discusses school budgets and the adoption of ICT in education

The Perfect App
The perfect app for schools and students begins to take shape

A wide selection of supplier products and ICT services

A selection of ICT suppliers offering tools for school and the classroom

ICT for Education Back to School Buyers Guide

Check it out
A procurement check list to ensure ROI

No levels? No problem
How to tackle the issue of assessment in schools

Resourcing the computing curriculum
How can primary schools best support this new subject

Choose with care
Investing in tablet technology can be a daunting prospect

ICT for Education June Buyers Guide

An optimistic outlook
Research at BESA

Case study
Malvern College on MIS

From zero to hero
Printer in schoolsp/>

Coding tools

Choose wisely
Managed IT choices

A call for action
Modern telephony supporting schools

Bett 2014 Preview

The best of Bett
A wide range of innovative solutions for schools

The EXite programme
Mike Briscoe on the aims of the EXite leadership

Tools for learning
Alex Findlay looks at the inbuilt capabilities of tablets

Building confidence
Julia Skinner on IT confidence


René Lydiksen looks at the barriers to creativity

Secondary computing
Mike Briscoe outlines requirements of the new curriculum

Digital strategy
Josè Picardo makes the case for social media in education

ICT Welsh Buyers Guide 2013

Questions and answers
Aled Williams on ICT use at Barry Island Primary School

A view from the front line
Dave Stacey, e-learning coordinator at Olchfa School

Creative solutions for the classroom

ICT Back to School

Cutting costs      Using the Government Procurement Service

Technology tips  Solutions for teachers

Choosing the best digital tablet     School buying patterns

Reviews   Testing times for a range of school solutions

A change of culture    Making the best of BYOD

The problem with printers    A light-hearted review

Buyers' Guide June 2013

A buyers´ guide detailing popular products, services and procurement practices

View from     The nuances of networks

Vox pop         Meet Kelda Richards,lead practitioner of media rich learning at Isca College

Reviews         Testing times for a range of school solutions

ICT for Education BETT Preview January 2013


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Show Preview

 A wide range of innovative solutions for schools

The leading role

Mike Briscoe describes the aims of the EXite leadership programme

Lets knIT
Steve Bunce will have you in stitches . . .

Making maths fun

Richard Smith shows how ICT can make mathematics educational and entertaining

The app generation

Tim Handley on how apps can enhance, extend and motivate learning

ICT for Education Buyers' Guide Back to School September 2012

Strategic solutions

Developing an effective ICT environment is as much about strategy and procurement as it is about products, but all three elements must be in the mix


Testing times for a range of school solutions


A wide range of product and service providers

ICT for Education Buyers' Guide May 2012

Investing in ICT

Schools are spending on selected solutions


A wide range of product and service providers

ICT for Education Buyers' Guide Northern Ireland March 2012


A wide range of leading ICT products and service providers

ICT for Education BETT Preview January 2012

Show preview

Learning and demonstration zones for all

Managing change

Mike Briscoe suggests leadership approaches to ICT development


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Event Opportunities

Exhibiting at one of our events

Event Schedule 2017

Register for Event

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Out with the old school? The rise of ed tech in the classroom

The Guardian reports that startups are creating toys that teach robotics, games that help kids code and apps for teachers in an industry forecast to be worth £129bn by 2020.

‘If schools stop teachers fleeing the profession, budgets will look after themselves’

The Tes reports that one department head provides her advice on maximising resources, reducing workload and improving productivity in schools.