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Sarah Underwood, editor, ICT for Education 

08:35 – 9:00

Teaching computing effectively

Miles Berry, principal lecturer, computing education, University of Roehampton

Miles will draw together themes from school effectiveness research, early Logo programming, research into undergraduate computer science teaching and his own rich understanding of emergent classroom practice to deliver a session full of practical ideas for how to teach computing most effectively, whether in primary or secondary schools.

9:00 – 09:25

Implementing the computing curriculum

Dale Coan, Hexthorpe Primary School teacher, Doncaster CAS primary hub leader, CAS master teacher

An overview of the national computing curriculum that will look at how Hexthorpe Primary School covers different areas of the curriculum, some of the applications used to support it and examples of how other subjects can be used to meet the requirements of the curriculum.

09:25 – 10:05

ICT Reviews Live!

ICT for Education product reviews team
An independent product review session that will put products to the test and give you real insight into their capabilities. ICT Reviews Live! will be led by the ICT for Education reviews team. Watch the reviews, comment on product content, consider underlying technologies, discuss ease of use and share your opinions on how you would like suppliers to develop products and services to meet the needs of teachers and schools.

10:05 – 10:40


10:40 – 11:05

Kit to kids: our learning community’s IT model

Niels Puttemans, ICT technician, Wath Comprehensive School

When Wath Comprehensive noticed a lack of IT skills in Y7, it worked with its learning community to identify issues holding students back. A survey quickly developed into offering IT support, both infrastructure and curriculum, to feeder schools. Niels will explore how this model created clear progression from early years up to Y13 and strengthened bonds between staff members and students.

11.05 – 11:30

Preparing your students for tomorrow's workplace

Natalie Moore, education community manager, Apps for Good

Based on recent research, the Apps for Good team will look at the most in-demand industry skills and how it believes you can help your students fill the skills gap. It will also consider the Apps for Good model as a way of building student resilience, tackling diversity in the technology sector and preparing students for the workplace of tomorrow.

11:30 – 12:00   

Question Time

An opportunity for delegates to put questions to conference speakers and debate topical issues.

Moderator: Sarah Underwood 
Panel members: Miles Berry, principal lecturer, computing education, University of Roehampton; Dale Coan, Hexthorpe Primary School, Doncaster CAS primary hub leader, CAS master teacher; Niels Puttemans, ICT technician, Wath Comprehensive School; Dinah Turner, director at Stepping Into Business 

12:00 – 13:00


13:00 – 14:00

More reasons to be cheerful            

Guest speaker: Andy Hutt, educational ICT consultant                                        

Andy returns with another entertaining and informative presentation covering some of the best, easy-to-use and low-cost ICT tools available to teachers and learners. He will share these with you and give you more reasons to be cheerful.





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