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Matt Hogan,  ICT and computing teacher, Alderley Edge School for Girls

08:35 – 9:00

'Will investment in ICT improve learning outcomes?' is the wrong question

Bob Harrison, chair of the Teaching Schools Technology Advisory Board

The headline of the recent OECD report ‘Students, Computers and Learning’, screamed ‘Computers have no impact on test scores’, but what the report actually says is the opposite. Bob will explore the dynamics and tensions in the technology for learning debate.

9:00 – 09:25

An ICT journey

Tom Sale, computing and science subject leader, Mereside Primary School and Children’s Centre

Tom will present Mereside Primary School’s ICT journey and some of the projects he has implemented to support teaching and learning.

09:25 – 10:00

ICT Reviews Live!

ICT for Education product reviews team

An independent product review session that will put products to the test and give you real insight into their capabilities. ICT Reviews Live! will be led by the ICT for Education reviews team. Watch the reviews, comment on product content, consider underlying technologies, discuss ease of use and share your opinions on how you would like suppliers to develop products and services to meet the needs of teachers and schools.

10:00 – 10:35


10:35 – 11:00

Strategies to inspire students

Matt Hogan, ICT and computing teacher, Alderley Edge School for Girls

Matt will cover strategies to engage students with elearning and consider the relevance of elearning to a range of subject areas and skill sets. He will also consider how to inspire students, particularly girls, to become creative with technology, rather than simply learning to use it. A simple but effective message: Take one idea and make it happen!

11:00 – 11:30

Helping students become innovators and entrepreneurs

Debbie Forster, UK managing director, Apps for Good

Debbie will discuss how Apps for Good teachers are helping students gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become innovators and entrepreneurs. She will also describe how teachers are helping students develop the wider thinking and employability skills they will need after leaving school, and consider the benefits this offers not just to students, but also to teachers and the wider school community. 

11:30 – 12:10   

Question Time

The challenges and opportunities of deploying ICT in schools

Moderator: Matt Hogan, ICT and computing teacher, Alderley Edge School for Girls 

Panel members:
Bob Harrison, former chair of the Teaching Schools Technology Advisory Board and education adviser to Toshiba Information Systems Northern Europe; Debbie Forster, UK Managing Director, Apps for Good; Graham Cooper, head of product strategy, Capita SIMS; Tina George, director at Sureline Communications.

12:10 – 13:10


13:10 – 14:00

Reasons to be cheerful – Part two              

Guest speaker: Andy Hutt, educational ICT consultant

After presenting an entertaining session covering some of the great and easy-to-use ICT tools available to teachers and learners at last year’s ICT for Education conferences, Andy continues to explore fresh resources. He will share these with you in a new presentation that will give you more reasons to be cheerful.





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