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Sarah Underwood, Editor, ICT for Education

08:20 – 08:45

View from the top

Mike Briscoe, director, IET Associates

Working with school leaders across the country, Mike has identified how to ensure ICT is well led and that leaders understand its implications and the support that is available to them. IET Associates has partnered with Connecting Learning to develop EXite, a leadership programme that ensures leaders are equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to successfully lead and manage change, and make the best use of technology

08:50 – 09:10

ICT in the classroom

Eamonn Duffy, Oaks Network liaison manager

Eamonn will outline 15 options to use ICT for maximum effect. Fourteen of these are free-to-use resources that can improve teaching delivery in the classroom, as well as follow up work by students at home. The fifteenth example is a piece of hardware that can dramatically change the way both you and your class can interact within a lesson

09:10 – 09:30

ICT in the classroom

Jodie Collins, specialist primary ICT teacher and advisor

Jodie will illustrate how ICT can be embedded in the curriculum to engage and excite children and adults, how it can improve learning and how it can make teaching efficient in a cost-effective way. She will describe how to leverage podcasting, film making, digital storytelling and games to enhance learning experiences. Jodie will also discuss how ICT can be used to develop 21st century skills such as collaboration

09:30 – 09:50

ICT in the classroom

Lisa Barton, head of learning technologies, Academy Transformation Trust

Lisa will consider how classroom learning is changing with the implementation of new technologies and how these technologies will impact pupils’ future skill sets. She will investigate the role of technology and the need to challenge approaches to curriculum delivery in order to motivate young people to learn and enable them to take ownership of their learning. Lisa will also expand on the Trust’s commitment to embed learning technologies to address individual learning needs

09.50 – 10:35

Coffee break

10:35 – 11:15

Question Time: Does ICT teaching and learning in school support students entering the workplace and satisfy employers?

Chair: Sarah Underwood

Panel members: Mike Briscoe, IET Associates; Eamonn Duffy, Oaks Network liaison manager; Bren Taylor, head of Birmingham City Learning Centre; IanCleland, chief executive of Academy Transformation Trust

11:25 – 12:15

ICT Reviews Live

ICT for Education product reviews team

An independent product review session that will put products to the test and give you real insight into their capabilities. ICT Reviews Live! will be led by the ICT for Education reviews team. Watch the reviews, comment on product content, consider underlying technologies, discuss ease of use and share your opinions on how you would like suppliers to develop products and services to meet the needs of teachers and schools

12:15 – 13:10


13:10 – 14:00

ICT to inspire: Raising children’s levels of creativity

Guest speaker: Tim Rylands, inspirational learning consultant, So Into It

Tim will present some accessible tools and ideas for raising the levels of creativity, writing, speaking and listening among children of all ages. He will describe the powerful effect of using games, Web 2 tools, software, handheld devices and more to model teaching that focuses on quality learning, rather than the latest gadget. He will investigate how virtual worlds can be used across subject areas and abilities to deliver remarkable effects. Come prepared to be inspired and leave with many practical ideas to apply back in the classroom

14:15 Close


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