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Sarah Underwood, editor, ICT for Education

08:50 – 09.10

View from the top

Steve Bunce, enquiring schools consultant, Futurelab Education

09.15 – 09:40

ICT in the classroom

Phil Spoors, assistant headteacher, Cramlington Learning Village

Samsung Galaxy tablets – the missing piece of the jigsaw. Cramlington’s one-to-one Galaxy tablet scheme is now in its third year. This presentation will share why this was a missing piece of the jigsaw and how it is changing pedagogy both inside and outside the classroom. Phil will take an honest, candid look at the highs, lows, successes and challenges of running a mobile device scheme, and Cramlington’s vision for the future.

09:40 – 10.05

ICT in the Classroom

Matt Hogan, ICT teacher, The King’s School            

This presentation will cover strategies to engage primary students with elearning and consider the relevance of elearning to a range of subject areas and skill sets. It will also consider how to inspire students to become creative with technology, rather than simply learning to use it. A simple but effective message: "Take one idea and make it happen!"

 10.10 – 10:30

ICT Reviews Live!   

ICT for Education product reviews team
An independent product review session that will put products to the test and give you real insight into their capabilities. ICT Reviews Live! will be led by the ICT for Education reviews team. Watch the reviews, comment on product content, consider underlying technologies, discuss ease of use and share your opinions on how you would like suppliers to develop products and services to meet the needs of teachers and schools.

10.30 – 11.00

Coffee break

11.05 – 11:45

Question Time: Will changes to the national curriculum improve the ICT capacity of schools and students to an extent that will benefit employers?

 Chair: Sarah Underwood

Panel members: Richard French, director of educational policy, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT; Phil Spoors, assistant headteacher, Cramlington Learning Village; Steve Bunce, enquiring schools consultant, Futurelab Education; Helen Hayes, policy adviser, North East Chamber of Commerce


11:50 – 12:15      

ICT Reviews Live! 

ICT for Education product reviews team

In this session we will look at how to build a reliable, consistent and scalable wireless network that can support teaching and learning across school and underpin one-to-one and bring-your-own device environments. The presentation will cover everything from planning to operation, including issues such as security, device management, network management and collaborative learning.

12:15 – 13:10


13:10 – 14:00

ICT tools for maximum impact, minimum spend

Guest speaker: Andy Hutt, educational ICT consultant

In this fast-moving session, Andy will take a light-hearted but informative look at some free and low-cost ICT tools and services that have the potential to make a big impact on teaching and learning. By the end of the session, you will have plenty of practical ideas to try out on your return to school – without having to spend a fortune!

14:15 Close



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